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ActiveOptimizer 2.0
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VB 5/6 Developers - we continue to create and support Visual Basic 5 and 6 tools!
Try our 30 day evaluation and see for yourself why we are the Best VB Profiler.


ActiveOptimizer 2  
for Visual Basic 5/6  

The ActiveOptimizer Suite contains these products (some also sold separately):

 pdProfiler2  - Find and solve your bottlenecks in just minutes.
 You have never seen a profiler like this one!  So simple to use, yet so powerful.  The pdProfiler features include execution comparisons, call stack tracing, code coverage analysis, remote collection capability, plus much more.  The pdProfiler2 combines a new level of customization options along with unbelievable timing accuracy to provide the most data rich ultimate profiler available.  

pdGuideBook2- complete database of optimization knowledge.
Wow - over 20 categories with 200+ optimization tips and techniquesThese are not the one or two line tips and techniques like you see in tech magazines or on the web. Most of our tips are complete with detailed explanations, risk assessments, impact analysis, and examples PLUS, our integrated pdCodeScanner will examine your code to identify where some techniques can be applied to improve performance, or even remove dead code and/or variables!  

 pdAddin2  - VB IDE Addin productivity tools improves your development.
Spend more time optimizing code, less time on mundane tasks.  This VB Addin focuses on simplifying the programming chores you have to deal with constantly like error handling and commenting.  Use the exclusive "scheme" feature to create multiple commenting and error handling scenarios to handle different coding requirements.  pdAddin2  provides a highly customizable tool to automate adding error handling, commenting, plus a few additional select productivity tools.  You really have to see this tool to appreciate the power!  

  pdSpeed DLL - Utility/Performance DLL complete with source code.
The pdSpeed DLL contains a collection of extremely useful and practical classes which provide common functionality such as complete registry access, string manipulation, common dialog support (API), file and directory routines, plus much more.  Reference the DLL directly and distribute it  royalty free or simply include the classes right into your project.  This core set of functionality makes starting any project a breeze!  


for Visual Basic 5/6  

See ADO/DAO Recordset Data in VB 5/6 Debug Mode!

Debug your data!  Execute SQL and view results in a customizable grid format.  Try this tool once, and you will be hooked!  

Visual InterDev Add-in
Who says nothing is free?  We are giving away a neat little Visual InterDev Addin tool which
provides the VB like functionality of adding and removing comments from blocks of code.  It's yours free.     

 Download here!   
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Customer Quotes
Actual Customer Quotes:

"This just has to be a number one must have tool. I've beta tested and evaluated at least 10 including Rational Rose, and this is so superior to anything I have tested/reviewed previously."

"Your product has helped show where there are bottlenecks in my applications where I never would have guessed and I appreciate the chance to use the new version."

"... performance project is currently in the testing phase and we think we have  made 75% performance boost by using the tool, so we are very pleased both  with the product and the technical support."

"WOW!  We just found a problem that we never would have guessed was the the root cause of our poor performance.  Well worth the cost - so easy to use, we found the problem in just a few minutes!"
We are proud of our VB profiler, VB optimization database, VB addin, and VB speed dll products.  Not only do we provide a complete VB  optimization toolset, but we offer an incredible value, too!  For a limited time only, you can purchase the complete 4 product suite for the low  price of only $349.  (Products also sold separately - click here for details)