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The tools you need to make coding in Visual Basic 6 quick and efficient.

pdProfiler 2.0 Professional

You have never seen a profiler like this one! Improving on the pdProfiler, the pdProfiler2 combines a new level of customization options along with unbelievable timing accuracy to provide the most data rich ultimate profiler available. Try it to be amazed!

Active Optimizer Suite: Four Product Bundle

We’ve bundled our best tools into the Active Optimizer Suite at a price that makes this suite worth buying. Included in our Active Optimizer Suite is the pdProfiler2, pdGuideBook2, pdAddin2, and pdSpeed 1.0.

pdOptimization eBook

Become an expert in optimization with our eBook. Compiled by three expert developers, our eBook is packed with over two hundred detailed optimization tips and techniques. PLUS, utilize our integrated pdCodeScanner to examine your code and identify where our techniques can be applied to improve performance, or even remove dead code and/or variables!

pdSpeed DLL

Make your coding tasks a breeze by using our DLL with a core set of functionality such as reading/writing to the registry, manipulating strings, invoking common dialogs (API), file/directory handling, plus much more. You can use the DLL directly (no royalties), or simply include the classes directly into your project.

pdAddin 2.0

You really have to see this tool to appreciate the power! Write better code faster than ever! This VB IDE Addin productivity tools improves your development by simplifying the programming chores you have to deal with constantly like error handling, commenting, plus a few additional select productivity tools.


Our tools were developed by expert developers for other developers to become experts

Platform Development Technologies, Inc., aka PlatformDev, is a privately held company in the Atlanta, Georgia area. The company was formed in 2000, by directors that had been creating cutting edge developer tools for the prior 15+ years. The mission of PlatformDev is to create "best of breed" developer tools which empower developers to achieve the full potential benefits of their applications. We strive to achieve this goal by providing developer tools which are interactive - providing knowledge along with solutions. The PlatformDev team also has a strong commitment to customer service. Our goal is to provide high quality products along with the highest possible quality service.

We at PlatformDev are excited about being part of the Visual Studio .NET market. We believe our combination of Visual Basic 6 and Visual Studio.NET tools make a great team! Purchase our subscription service and get both products for one low price. Volume pricing discounts are available.

We are proud of our VB profiler, VB optimization database, VB addin, and VB speed dll products. We are proud of all of our Visual Basic (VB 5/6) Tools too - our performance guides, profiler, addin and speed dll are second to none. Our tools for viewing ADO and DAO recordsets is one of the most innovative, original tools available. Not only do we provide a complete VB recordset / SQL toolset, but we offer an incredible value, too!

We also love to help out other developers achieve the best optimization for their code, their products, and their expertize. To show our love, we aim to provide a complete VB optimization toolset at an incredible value! We also proudly offer, for free, our pdQuick.Net Lite VS.NET Addin. Use to your hearts content!

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